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Christian, Catholic and Free Thinker Package: Tranquillity

Bid your loved one a final farewell amidst the peace and serenity offered by our Tranquillity package.


Items Included:

1. Professional services: Tranquility

  • Transfer if beloved, funeral coordination, encoffin ceremony, funeral ceremony

2. Care services for beloved

  • Cleansing, embalming, dressing, make up

3. Basic casket

4. Tentage enclosure with underlining (01 plot)

  • Round table with table cloth (10units)
  • Square tables (15 units)
  • Fans (06units)
  • Chairs (100 units)
  • Carpet furnish (1unit)
  • General lighting, power point (2 units)
  • Mobile toilet (01 unit)

5. Tranquility setup

  • Contribution book and use of safe box

6. Photo enlargement service

  • 10″by 12″ photo wreath(01 unit)

7. Use of refrigerator (01 unit)

8. Use of hot beverage dispenser machine

9. 1 night 30 pax buffet with night service team

10. Standard hearse

11. 01 air con bus (40 pax 2 way)

12. Mandai cremation fee

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